Sunday, April 01, 2007

Literary Vocab Quiz

This was an April Fool's Day vocab quiz for some 8th graders (using their real vocab words). Apparently they didn't find it much more upsetting than their regular quizzes.

Vocabulary Quiz: Lesson 13

1. He sat down on a block of freestone, regardless of the dusty imprint it made on his breeches; and his listless eyes following the movements of the workmen he presently became aware that the reputed _______, Jude, was one amongst them. (Jude the Obscure, Thomas Hardy)

a) swindle b) culprit c) felony d) incriminate

2. France produces the finest flower of ____________ in Mallarme but the desirable life is revealed only to the poor of heart, the life of Homer's Phaeacians. (Ulysses, James Joyce)

a) arson b) corruption c) felony d) jurisdiction

3. And others __________, in this wise: / The king commands his constable, anon, / On pain of hanging by the high justice, / That he shall suffer not, in any guise, / Constance within the kingdom to abide / Beyond three days and quarter of a tide. (The Canterbury Tales: Modern English Translation, Geoffrey Chaucer)

a) counterfeited b) acquitted c) incarcerated d) incriminated

4. And here is implyed another maxime of the law, that where the common or statute law giveth remedy in foro seculari, (whether the matter be temporall or spiritual) the conusans of that cause belongeth to the king's temporall courts onely; unlesse the ___________of the ecclesiasticall court be saved or allowed by the same statute to proceed according to the ecclesiasticall lawes. (The First Part of the Institutes of the Laws of England, Sir Edward Coke)

a) felony b) jurisdiction c) arson d) culprit

5. __________ yow as now of youre biheeste, Thanne have ye do youre devoir atte leeste. (The Canterbury Tales: Original Version, Geoffrey Chaucer)

a) Corrupteth b) Swindleth c) Counterfeiteth d) Acquitteth

Answer key: B, B, B, A, D

(Har har har! These questions are too hard for eighth graders!)

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