Saturday, August 16, 2008

LabInhab Issue 3 Slush Report

Issue 3 is up. Issue 3 is the most terrifying issue. This is the first issue since the pay rates for stories have gone up to $20-$40, and the quality of submissions has improved. I've been getting strong submissions from the beginning, but I'm no longer getting very many awful submissions. In particular, there are fewer submissions completely from out of left field; most people now seem to read the guidelines first.

There were a couple of nonfiction subs, but I didn't feel they'd fit. An accepted article would have to be something unique, with original research or at least original observations. What I got were more like general facts about labyrinths (not plagiarized though, as far as I could tell! I googled!).

Overall, the four accepted works were culled from a total of 22 submissions. Those aren't such bad odds for a writer, so keep submitting!

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